She Has Overcome exists to allow a platform for women to be able to share their stories. Life can throw us curveballs, but how encouraging is it to witness God move us through adversity and into grace? This is a place to hear about God’s miracles in women’s lives: where women can read stories similar to theirs, receive encouragement through the triumphs of others, and even learn to share their own testimonies about what God has done in their lives.

About the author: Amy is a passionate follower of Jesus Christ. She is married to a wonderful man of God and the mother to two beautiful children. Two within two years…life sure can get a little hectic sometimes! But she wouldn’t trade it for the entire world. Aside from writing or going on adventures with her kiddos, Amy can be found drinking coffee that’s been reheated multiple times, hanging with the mommies at her church, serving in kids ministry, reading a book, or watching Netflix with her hubs.

Contact Amy at: shehasovercome@gmail.com


One thought on “About

  1. Virginia Romero says:

    Hello my sweet daughter-in-law Amy! I enjoyed reading your blogs. Keep up the writing for Jesus. After all, He IS the WORD!

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