Random Thoughts About Writing

Sometimes I feel like I have things to write about, but then I don’t write them because I’m thinking that there will be people reading it. But that’s not a reason not to write. I can write something and have only my eyes see it. Or maybe after I do finally write it, I will want others to read it. But just because I might be fearful of what other people may think is not an excuse not to write. And just because I am always tired is not an excuse either. I will continue to be tired. That’s just life with young children.

I need to stop making excuses and just start writing. I need to set up a calendar, and actually follow it. I would love to write every day. Even if it’s just a paragraph. But I need to write. I want to write. Poetry. And short stories. And novels. I want to be creative.

Lord, I pray that your creativity would flow through me. I pray that all fear would dissipate, and that I would be bold, and brave, and brilliant. You did not give this desire and passion to me for it to be wasted. May I be obedient. I pray that you would reach many…like MANY, beyond my comprehension, with Your words written through me.

4 thoughts on “Random Thoughts About Writing

  1. Celia Hales says:

    I recommend Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way. Writing Morning Pages is especially helpful, but all her tools work.

    Good luck in your writing.

    Love, Celia

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