Fruit of this Moment

I was at a worship conference a few weeks ago, and so many of the words that were shared through the guest speakers are still impacting me today. One thing that Kim Walker-Smith said was, “One day you’re going to live in the fruit of this moment. What are you doing with this time? This moment?”

She was talking about how before Jesus Culture became a world renown worship band, she would be leading worship on a Friday night around 9pm for the youth group. It was just her, someone playing the cajon, and just a handful of youth students. They would meet every Friday night and just worship. They were consistent and persistent in seeking God, not caring who showed up or who didn’t. The room was small and humid with sweat. They were careless in what was going on around them as they sought the face of God. Then, years later, she would stand on stage in front of thousands, leading them into the presence of God. Kim Walker-Smith was sowing in those early moments. And now, she is reaping the fruit of what she did during that time.

This statement, about one day living in the fruit of this moment, has really been causing me to reflect and pray. I recently applied for a job that I thought was my dream job. I was a little disappointed when I didn’t even get a call to be interviewed after waiting a month to hear anything at all. Sometimes we don’t get what we were hoping for, but that doesn’t mean God doesn’t have something else already figured out. One day, I will look back at this moment and realize this was the turning point for something great that He is going to do. And I don’t want to waste this season. I don’t want to waste this moment. I am going to pray, and prepare, and keep moving forward and allowing Him to direct my steps. Right now, I don’t quite understand why I didn’t get the thing I was hoping for, but one day, I will live in the fruit of this moment, and I can’t wait to see what it is!

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