No Lie is of the Truth

Social media makes it easy to compare ourselves to other moms who seemingly have it all together. We see their profile and notice that certain mom has make up on, she styled her hair, her kids are smiling in the grocery cart, and she is knocking off her list of to-do’s. Then we look down at ourselves and realize that it’s been weeks since we’ve worn make up, our hair is in the unwashed mom bun that it’s in every day, and we are reminded of the last tantrum our child threw in public as we realize our to-do list is not shrinking as the day diminishes. Then we start to consider the “fact” that we aren’t doing a very good job at this whole motherhood thing, and pretty soon our mind journeys to the thought: I’m not a good mom.

But those thoughts are lies. Sure, we may make mistakes and need do-overs and ask for forgiveness, but that does not make us bad mothers. As my pastor recently explained, there are facts, and there is truth. Just because something is a fact doesn’t necessarily mean that it is truth. Facts change, truth is unchanging. The fact is, I had a short temper with my preschooler yesterday. The truth is, I can ask forgiveness and proceed in grace. Just because I might have raised my voice in frustration does not mean that I have an anger problem. Do I have things I can continually work on? Of course. But the enemy wants to put these lies into our minds and make us think them so often that we begin to believe them as truth.

1 John 2:21 says, “I have not written to you because you did not know the truth, but because you do know it, and because no lie is of the truth.”

As believers, we know what the truth is. Or we should at least be seeking God’s Word to better understand what the truth is. And if we know the truth, then we cannot believe the lies. “No lie is of the truth.” It is not possible to believe a lie if we are believing the truth. Just like we cannot be both in light and in darkness, we cannot believe the truth but follow a lie.

When we know our minds are being attacked by lies, we can refer to what God’s truth says. And not just simply look at or read it is but truly know it. One way to sincerely start believing truth is to declare it. When a lie enters your mind, such as: you’re not good enough, you’ve made too many mistakes, you cannot do this, you’re a failure, etc., then consciously choose to audibly announce your agreement with truth. “I am a child of God. I can do all things through Him who gives me strength. I am forgiven and set free. I am loved. I am filled with God’s Spirit so I am able to love and show grace and patience and joy.” Say these truths out loud. Everyday.

Take your thoughts captive. Replace them with the truth of God. Because no lie is of the truth.

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