Ariana’s Name

We weren’t even officially dating. Yet, there we were, on the phone, talking about kids. It sounds a little extreme, I know, but it wasn’t as irrational as it sounds.

“I’m glad that because I’m a teacher, I will be able to have summers off during the same time my kids will be on break,” I said into the phone as I drove down the road. (Don’t worry, I had the headphones with a speaker; plus, I don’t think it was illegal to talk and drive at that point.)

“Yeah, that’s really cool,” Ruben replied. “Speaking of kids, I already have my future daughter’s name picked out.”

“Oh really? That’s funny, so do I,” I chimed in.

“What do you want to name your daughter?” He asked.

“You’re the one who brought up names. You go first.”

We argued playfully back and forth for a minute or two. Finally he said, “You have to tell me first because I have a guitar with her name on it.”

I sighed facetiously, “Ugh, fine. I want to name my daughter Ariana.”



I thought perhaps I lost signal because I was driving in a rural area in South Dakota. Well, nearly all of South Dakota is rural.

“Hello? Are you still there?”

Ruben stumbled over his words. “H-have we talked about this before?”

I laughed, “Are you serious? We aren’t even officially dating yet. Why would we have talked about our kids’ names before?”

“No, Amy, I’m serious, did somebody tell you what I want to name my daughter?”

“What, you don’t want to name our daughter Ariana,” I said feistily.

He paused again. “Ariana’s name is on that guitar,” he managed to reveal.

Needless to say, we were in shock. We couldn’t believe that out of all the names in the world, we both wanted the exact same name for our daughter.

The irony is, we ended up having a boy first. (And his name was really difficult for us to decide.)  But then, on April 18, 2015, our daughter, Ariana Nichole was born.

Ariana Nichole

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