Jumping Back In

There’s no time. At least
that’s what I tell myself
when months…
no, years,
have dissipated
before I have written anything
that my heart has cried to get out.

Except I don’t know what that is.
I haven’t known what that is.

So I guess it’s not time that I need.
Just inspiration.
And discipline. To make myself
heed the calling God has on my life
to glorify Him through writing.

It’s not that I don’t want to.
I just feel hindered.
Because I haven’t been “creative”
since college. And even then,
they were assignments. My writing
was always an assignment. Never
just because I wanted to.
Which is what I want to do. Now.

Please be patient
as I tread these waters of unfamiliarity.
This white wall waiting to be splatted with black.
Yes, I may even make up words.
But You don’t care, right? You just want me to write.

One thought on “Jumping Back In

  1. Mandy says:

    I always read any poetry stuff you write with a little beat in my head… and then I think back to that time when you were practicing your spoken word and I practically had it memorized with your rhythm and everything. I’ve always been in awe of the way you write. Don’t give up lovely. Don’t ever stop. No matter the days, months, or years that pass before you put that ink to paper, always come back to it! What you say… needs to be said. Its always worthwhile & beautiful. Love you!!

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