Withdrawn from Ordinary

It baffles me that we (Christians) so often settle for ordinary. I know I often discover myself in an incessant cycle of knowing God has more for me but not fully believing it.

Leviticus 8 discusses the consecration of Aaron and his sons. How they obeyed God with all of these steps in order to be consecrated unto Him.

Set apart. That’s what I understood as the meaning of consecration. I was not incorrect in my understanding of the word, but I did not have a complete grasp of the entire meaning. So, instead of just grazing over the words in another chapter about rituals I didn’t think would pertain to me in the slightest, I decided to study the word consecrate, since it is repeated numerous times in the eighth chapter of Leviticus.

The word consecrate in the original language is: qadash. The definition: to be set apart; to dedicate – the act of setting apart, being holy (i.e. withdrawing someone or something from profane or ordinary use.)

And that’s where God spoke to me. If I, as a daughter of the Lord, am to be consecrated, I am to be set apart for God’s use. I need to be withdrawn from not only profane things but from ordinary use. I know, as a follower of Christ, I should remove myself from profane situations. I honestly never thought about the fact that I need to be set apart from ordinary use.

God wants us to be withdrawn – to be detached – from ordinary use. He wants to use us extraordinarily! And He is GOD. Why would He not want to? He is glorified when we are consecrated unto Him.

Dear Lord,

I thank You that You have already started that process of consecration in me through Jesus Christ. I also ask, though, that You would withdraw me from not only profane things, but from ordinary use. You have not called me to be ordinary. So my prayer is that I would yield to Your consecration, just as Moses, Aaron, and Aaron’s sons underwent a process so they would be consecrated, may I be willing for the process to be consecrated – set apart for extraordinary use by You. Help me to pray God-sized prayers and stop living a life that is just…good. I want to live for You.  In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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