This Little Heart Melter

Okay, so this is going to be a mushy, gushy post all about Malakai. I just can’t help it. He brings an unexplainable amount of joy to our lives.

Here are just some of the little things that always make me melt:

-The sweetest smiles he gives me in the morning when I walk into his room. He just peers out of his crib, so excited that I am there. He definitely makes it easier to wake up in the morning!


-When he falls asleep at night while nursing and stays asleep when I pick him up to take him to his crib. I love the way his little head just rests on my shoulder as his arms hang loosely to the side. He’ll usually make cute, little, sleepy sounds, too.

-How he puts his cute, baby fingers by my mouth when he’s nursing so that I’ll give them little kisses. Then he flashes me an adorable smile and continues to place his hand on my lips to receive more kisses.

-The fact that he loves to sleep on his tummy now. If I lie him down on his back, he’ll only stay for a bit. He flips over, sucks on his hand a little, and falls asleep. (It’s not always that easy and effortless, but it’s still cute nonetheless).

Image-His laugh just tickles my heart. Cutest sound I’ve ever heard.

Image-The way he sort of bounces while he is sitting. As if he wants to scoot somewhere. He’ll smile the whole time when he does this, too.

-The way he talks to his toys. He just babbles on like he’s really having a conversation.

-How Malakai flashes a huge grin to daddy when he gets home from work. As though he’s been waiting all day to see him, and he’s so excited he gets to spend time with dad now.

-I love his little tush. I always hold him in front of the mirror before bath time so I can see his cute little baby booty.

-The way he just really enjoys bath time.


-How he instantly stops crying when he comes back to me. Like…I’m his mom, and he knows it. It feels so good that he finds comfort in me.


-I call him my little baby bird because whenever he is about to eat, he opens his mouth wide like a baby bird. So cute!

-I loooooooove when he gives me kisses. At 6 months old, that just means he opens his mouth and leans in. That’s his “kiss.”

-How he “dances” whenever music comes on. I’ll be holding him, and as soon as he hears music, or if I move around a little bit, he will just start bouncing in my arms, as if he is dancing.

I know as he grows older, I will just fall more in love with him and all the little things he does. I am so grateful that God has blessed us with this beautiful baby boy. I am so honored that God would trust me to be his mother. What a privilege!

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