The Glory of the Lord

I must admit, and be a little unreserved and raw, that my time with God hasn’t been as, let’s say, exuberant as I (or He for that matter) would like it to be. Sometimes I would like to place the blame on the fact that I am a new mother and often have difficulty sparing any lengthy time for prayer, worship, or reading the Bible. Between not getting much sleep at night, taking care of a baby, and trying to complete my never ending list of chores, it seems I have good reason to only spend what time I can find with the Lord.

However, this is a poor excuse (and grounds for repentance), and being a new mom should give me even more reason to abundantly spend time with God, even if that means choosing not to go back to sleep early in the morning when Malakai does. So last night I prayed that God would prompt me with a strong desire to spend time in His Word this morning. And I thank Him for answering that prayer.

Now here is another dose of frankness: it is extremely difficult for me to read Exodus (and Leviticus, and Numbers, and…). I have currently just finished reading Exodus, but it is such a struggle for me to really “hear from God” when I read these books that seem to have little relevance to my life today. I mean, I don’t have to make wave offerings, animal sacrifices, or build a temple. So even though I pray God would speak to me, I often find myself skimming through the repeated phrases, hoping I can get to something “good.”

Well, this morning, I actually said my prayer with sincerity – not haste – and guess what? God gave me revelation. Yes, even in the book of Exodus.

“Then the cloud covered the tent of meeting, and the glory of the Lord filled the tabernacle” (Exodus 40:34).

Israel had done all that God commanded in building the temple. He was pleased, and His glory rested there. Later, when Jesus came to earth, He referred to His own body as the temple (John 2:19-21). He was a manifestation of God’s glory. Today, His church is referred to as His body (Ephesians 1:22-23). Thus, as a church (people, not the building), we are to carry out the glory of the Lord to be seen by men. His glory should rest on us.

God’s glory was seen “in the sight of all the house of Israel” (Ex. 40:30). Is His glory seen in His church (His people) today?

May God be glorified in us.



*The cross-references and some of the other ideas were commentary in the NASB Key-Word Study Bible based off of Exodus 40:34.

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