Altogether Seperate

It’s very amusing and interesting how people who don’t know each other won’t sit next to each other unless they have to. I’m at the airport right now and everywhere I look people are sitting in every other seat. And almost 100% of those people are connected to some sort of technological device. Probably on Facebook or Twitter, having “quality” communication with the real people they’re connected to. The only people that are sitting directly next to somebody are the people that already know each other.

It’s funny, yet also a bit sad. We are all so connected and interested in our own world that we don’t want to invade the space of somebody else. Or maybe we don’t want them invading ours. Let alone have a conversation with somebody. Oh no! That’s just getting way to serious and awkward.

However, this idea also convicts me. Because I often do the very same thing. Why NOT sit next to somebody I don’t know? Do I assume they will be upset or angry? I doubt it. So why not sit next to them? It would be a great opportunity to meet someone new and share the gospel. Be on mission.

2 thoughts on “Altogether Seperate

  1. Clark Kent says:

    I think we should talk more with strangers, especially to spread the word. But isn’t it weird to just get into someone’s personal bubble like that? Have you been spreading the word Amysworld? How did it go, were people willing to listen?

    • amysworld7 says:

      Oh how ironic. I just typed up a whole response, and it just deleted itself!! Anyway, some of what I had said was that I wrote that blog because I was convicted myself with how little I really spread the Word. And yes, I do feel like it’s awkward to get into somebody’s bubble like that, but people need to know that Jesus loves them and wants them to spend eternity with Him in heaven. One way to ease the tension with strangers is to start by simply asking them if they need prayer. It’s fascinating and saddening how much people open up and share their pain. Then it’s a great opportunity to share Christ’s love with them and the good news of the gospel!

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