Need to Write

I used to blog. When I had a Myspace. So I guess you can say that it’s been a while. However, since I consider myself a writer, and I want to become a better enthusiast of these little black letters on a page, I decided I would start blogging again.

I tell my students all the time, “You can only become a better writer by practicing!” So I figured I would stop being a hypocrite and give myself reason to write.

FYI, I love Jesus, so I’m sure almost all of my posts will be about Him in some way or another. I mean, He gave me the ability and talent to write, so why not use it for Him? And something that I believe is so profound is the fact that God had His Word written out for us…so why not write?!

One thought on “Need to Write

  1. Paige Chapman says:

    Amy, you rock!!! I have enjoyed reading a couple of your blogs! I also love to write but I wouldn’t consider myself a writer. I have a hard time just sitting down and writing when I have so many other things I feel I need to get done first. My twins will be going into kindergarten very soon, and Caleb will be going into preschool so then I might find some time to start a blog myself! I always loved journaling about all the awesome things God has done in my life and about my husband and kids and just life! Well you have encouraged me and gave me inspiration, thank you!!!

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